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3 Rules for an Awesome Halloween

Group of people in  witch costume.

Halloween, a night where girls are allowed to dress on the risque side and not be judged and thousands of photos will be posted to Facebook. Here’s a few tips to enjoy Halloween 2013.


Get Creative. Halloween isn’t about the most revealing costumes or the traditional ghost outfit. If you want to win the costume contest or just have a great outfit, make sure to add a little creativity to your outfit. We had  a couple of our friends dress as “Professional Cougar Hunters”, complete with nets, signs and their own hashtag. They won all the contests that year, hands down. Don’t forget homemade costumes are sometimes better than store bought.

Meet new people.  Halloween is a fun time to get out and meet new people and you have the perfect ice breaker, your costumes! Strike up conversation with a cute firefighter or sexy nurse that you might not normally talk to.

and most importantly…

Have fun.  With all the chaos around what to do, where to go, what to wear, it’s important to remember that regardless, you have to have fun. I can tell you from personal experience I had just as much fun going out to costume parties as I did going to local neighborhoods and trick-or-treating around my university. As long as you have your group of friends, that’s all that really matters.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween 2013?

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