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Applying for Scholarships

When it comes to scholarship applications things can get overwhelming. Applying for scholarships doesn’t have to cause you massive anxiety. According to collegeplanningservices.org, ”there are $46 billion in free scholarship money awarded each year by the Department of Education and colleges as compared to $35 million in college scholarships that are available through private companies, foundations, and civic groups – only $3 million of these scholarships to college is unrestricted.” That is a massive amount of money. That just goes to prove that there is a scholarship out there for you. Here are just a few do’s and don’ts to help you navigate your way through tricky scholarship applications.

DO: Stay current on scholarship news.

A great thing to do is to add a some sort of scholarship news feed to your Facebook, Twitter or internet browser homepage. By doing this you can stay current on all the best scholarships and grant opportunities available to you.

DON’T: Tackle everything on your own.

Trying to get all your scholarship information and organizing which scholarships to apply for can get out of control quickly. Sometimes having someone or even a group of people to help you out can make the difference. Getting together with a group of friends regularly to discuss scholarships can really help keep you on track, plus it gives you a group of people who can proofread any applications you have.

DO: Choose quality over quantity.

Although you will want to apply for as many scholarships as you can. Be sure to apply wisely. Choose scholarships that you actually have a connection to. Try to prioritize which scholarships to apply to so you can make the best of your time.

DON’T: Pay for scholarship “help”

If you have to pay any money at all in your scholarship application process it is probably a scam. You are trying to earn money, not spend it. There are plenty of scholarship resources out there that don’t cost you a penny.

DO: Stick with it.

Just because you don’t get instant money from the first scholarship you apply for it doesn’t mean you have to give up. There are millions of dollars in scholarships given out each year. The more effort you put in to applying for scholarships, the more likely you will be to get some money out of it.

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