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College Majors Anyone?

As most people know when you go to college you must, at some point, declare a major, but what is it exactly?

A college major is simply a specific area of study that you will specialize in. The majority of your classes will be related to that major and when you graduate that major will help you in your future job. At some universities you can actually major in one subject and minor in another or major in two subjects if the college you are attending allows it. <!–more–>

Most colleges won’t require you to declare a major until the end of your sophomore year and many people change what they want to major in even after they have declared it. However some colleges, like Cal Poly, require you to select a major and stick with it throughout all of college. Looking into whether a college allows you to change majors can be a very important part of selecting the right college.

Why is a major important? When choosing a college you should make sure they offer the subject you wish to major in. Some colleges have better programs for certain majors and some majors are offered only at select colleges. When initially applying to a college your selected major can have an effect on your acceptance. If you apply for a major that is impacted, meaning there are more students applying than there are spaces available for that major, your chances of being accepted will be much lower. So be very careful when choosing a major.

If you are uncertain of what it is you would like to major in you can apply as an undeclared major. This means that you will take all the general education classes you will need to take freshmen year and by the end of the year you can decide on what it is you would like to major in.

whatever your decision is, the best thing to do is to keep informed. Knowing which colleges offer which majors can have a huge effect on where it is you go to college. By checking multiple schools for the major or majors you are interested in you can narrow down which school is right for you.

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