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Do I Need A Laptop For College?

This week’s question of the week is: Do i need a laptop for college? When it comes to laptops it will differ from person to person. Some may say you must absolutely have one while others may say you’ll never use one. Whatever the case may be, here are some tips to help you decide.

The very first thing to consider when deciding whether or not to get a laptop for college is the price. If you can’t afford a laptop because of all the other costs of college then you might not really have an option. Price doesn’t have to stop you though. If you think you really need a laptop then there are always ways to get less expensive laptops. Often times electronic stores will have deals for students going into college that they wouldn’t normally give out. You can also plan ahead and be on the lookout for any holiday or special event sales.

One of the most important factors in determining how badly you need a laptop is to simply think about how much you use a computer right now. Do you go on once a week? Once a day? Once every hour? Odds are your current level of computer usage will be about the same as when you get to college. If you don’t use a computer a lot then you may not need a laptop at all. Most colleges have computer labs or libraries with computers available for students. However often times there may not be enough computers available around finals or before a big paper is due. Having to go to a computer lab or library also limits you from being able to go outside or do work in privacy.

Next think about your major. Some classes may make it mandatory that you use a computer for notes and assignments. Additionally, Different majors will have different computer usage needs than others. For example, if you are going to be an English major you will probably be doing a lot more writing and typing than say a Math major.

I would recommend getting a laptop. If you can afford one it can be a very useful tool and if nothing else it may just be nice to have to video chat your parents or friends or play games to kill time. Whether or not you get a laptop is up to you. However to help out any starving college students out there I have found some websites I think give great deals on laptops as well as other electronics.

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