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Fast Cash From Seasonal Jobs

The best way to make guaranteed cash is of course to have a job. Unfortunately with the economy in its current state, jobs can be very scarce. However during the holiday season, retail stores open up thousands of jobs that are labeled “Seasonal.” These jobs are designed to accommodate the massive increase in sales around the holidays, from Thanksgiving through the New Year.

If you can get hired for one of these seasonal jobs, you have the potential to work a lot of hours, which equates to a lot of cold hard cash. Because of days like Black Friday and the weeks leading up to Christmas, employers will be offering a lot of overtime hours where they normally wouldn’t be. Working overtime gets you even more money for the same amount of work, making your time well spent.

Even if you choose not to work a lot of hours, just the fact that companies are willing to hire many workers is good for you. Let’s say you only decide to work three days a week, for five hours a day. Assuming you make around 8 dollars per hour, you are going to be making $120 a week. Spread out over the 8 weeks around the holidays you are going to make nearly $1,000 dollars. Not to bad for a three day a week gig.

No matter how much you work, these seasonal jobs allow you to get your foot in the door, because many employers will keep some of the seasonal workers around past the holidays, giving you a great opportunity to have a steady income through out the school year and even into the summer.

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