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Get the Classes You Really Want

Two students read book in classroomWith next semester’s registration underway, classes you want might be filling up quickly. Getting the perfect schedule is becoming more challenging (I’m a fan of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday classes). With the population of college students growing each year and the competition for classes increasing dramatically there are going to be instances where you don’t get the class you need. Just because you don’t get the class at first, do not let that stop you from getting in. There is always a second chance if you know what to do.

Before you go running in to every class you can find, save yourself some time and check to see if the class you need has a wait list. Often times if you are one of the first to sign up for the wait list you can get in before the class even starts. If you don’t get in off the wait list, students who are on the wait-list will often get priority if another student drops the class.

If you have to crash a course make sure you show up early, book in hand, ready to learn. Many teachers will give out open seats on a first come first server basis so make sure you are first. There is usually a two week window for students to add or drop a class after the semester has started, so make sure you aren’t late and don’t miss a single day of class or you may lose your spot to a more determined candidate.

Most importantly, talk to the teacher or professor (if possible before the class even begins) and let them know about your situation. Those with more experience may have some idea of how many students will drop the class, if any at all. Some professors may not accept crashers at all, finding them to be a nuisance, so don’t waste your time if that is the case.

While you should never rely on crashing a course, knowing how to do so properly can be an invaluable skill. With the right mindset and determination you have the tools to succeed.


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