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Picking the Perfect School for You


Picking the right school is a big decision and it’s an important one. There’s more to a school then the average SAT score, the athletic program and the “college atmosphere”. When deciding on which college is right for you it’s important to keep these tips in mind. If you don’t consider what you want and what is right for you,  you might end up unhappy and regret your choice. Keep in mind these factors when determining the perfect school for you.

Size. I’m not only talking about the size of the physical campus (that’s definitely a factor) but also the sizes of your classes. When I was choosing a college I wanted to make sure the university I chose had small class sizes. I didn’t want to just be a number, I wanted to know my professors and TA’s personally. The university I ended up at had small classes (on average 30 students in the major classes) and the largest class offered had just over 180 (for the lectures).

Location. Some students want to go as far away from home as possible while some students want to live at home and go to school. It really depends on your personal preference and how comfortable you are with being away from home. I chose a school that was roughly three hours away from home. It was close enough to go home on the weekends and just  far enough away that my parents weren’t able to “surprise” me at school.

Cost. When I was choosing a university, cost was a big factor in finding my perfect choice, especially since I was paying for it. One of the major deal breakers was the amount of financial aid offered to me as well as scholarships. While not everyone can afford to go to a university right out of college, it’s also a good idea to start out at a community college and transfer to a larger university. Check out our articles on Community College the Transfer Route and the Top Five Tips: Transfer from Junior College.

While there are many factors that go into choosing the perfect school for you, these are some of the major factors you have to have a breaking point on. I am a huge fan of the Pro/Con list, especially if I’m in between options. Just remember if you end up choosing a school and you’re unhappy you can always transfer to another school.


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