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Start Your Spring Semester Off Right


Winter break is coming to an end and you are gearing up for the best spring semester yet! Or are you? Have you bought your books, printed out your syllabuses, and “spring cleaned” your room? There is no reason to stress out just yet, we have come up with some handy tips for making Spring 2014 your best semester yet.

Set a budget- Everything about college is expensive. From books to meal plans to a fun night out. Set yourself a budget for the semester — and actually stick with it. Most college kids have to work to support themselves and budgeting your money really helps to reign in your spending. I know that I personally tend to over spend. I learned my lesson the hard way (and had to eat a lot of ramen noodles). I ended up buying a prepaid debit card to use for the month for groceries and gas. Once the card was all used up, I didn’t allow my self to use any other cards. It was hard but it really taught self control and taught me how to budget my money (and taught me I didn’t really need those new boots).

Know your limits – You’re not superwomen (or superman). By knowing your limits you’re really only helping yourself. I tend to agree to help everyone that asks me and tend to join a million and one clubs but you have to remember you’re in college for one thing — your degree. Don’t overbook your calendar and not leave enough time for your school work or even a little time for “me” time.

Make a schedule – I don’t know how I ever survived without my planner/agenda.  If I leave home without my planner, my whole day tends to be a little off. In the beginning of every semester I sit down and write out what my schedule is going to be for the next 16 weeks. Of course things come up and certain things need to be moved around but I try to stick to the schedule as much as possible. Using a schedule makes it easier to know when it’s study time and when it is play time.

Try new things – Get out of your comfort zone and try some new things. Go to your dorm floor singles mingle or go for ice cream with your study group. Join a club or a sports league. College is all about trying new things and meeting new people. Don’t be scared to get out of your comfort zone. According to Chegg, ”a bit of change is good: Not only can it develop new dimensions to your personality, it can help you avoid getting stuck in a rut”. We couldn’t agree more!

Maybe most importantly, have fun. Although college is about learning the curriculum, it might be about learning about yourself. College is where you can find yourself and learn what you really enjoy. Maybe you learn you really enjoy attending art gallery openings or attending the symphony — things you never would have tried if you didn’t get out of your comfort zone. Here’s to a happy and healthy Spring 2014.

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