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Top Five Tips: What To Bring To College

When planning for college you have the obvious things like books and clothes that you can’t really go without. But there are also things that may not seem so obvious now. This top five things are absolute college essentials you wont want to leave home without.

1. Stuff and Things – That’s right. The most important thing to bring is stuff. The stuff that you have that is special to you and makes you an individual. At a college or university it is easy to get lost in the crowd. By bringing along your favorite photo of you and friends or maybe the first science fair ribbon you ever won, you can personalize your dorm or apartment and make it feel like home.

2.  A Debit or ATM card – Having cash around is nice but having all your cash around is just a liability. Having a debit card allows you to keep your money in a secure place where only you can access it. Also, because it is all electronic your parents don’t have to go through the hassle of sending money in the mail.

3. Mini-Fridge – Having a mini-fridge is an invaluable resource when navigating through late college nights and weekends. You can store any snacks or drinks, and anything  else you need to keep cool and easily accessible in your room. Especially leftovers and microwavable hot pockets.

4. Microwave – Speaking of microwavable hot pockets, how else are you going to heat them up if not with a microwave. Having a microwave makes dinner a cinch if you don’t feel like going out or if you happen to be a starving college student.

5. Air Fresheners – Air fresheners in any form, candles, sprays, those little things you plug into the wall, whatever kind you like, will be a necessity. While you may have excellent hygiene and not need them, the person you share a room with might not be so clean. Also having a nice smelling room is just a good idea, people will feel more at ease when in your room and more importantly you will feel more at ease.

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